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Volunteer Awards 2012

Volunteer Awards 2012!
 The town of Canora initiated the volenteer awards as a way to honour the many hours donated by volenteers to the community. These hard working individuals and groups have volenteered considerable time and effort ensuring a positive impact in Canora. We appreciate their work and are excited for the opportunity to formally recognize them.
We have nominations in 3 categories this year.
Community Group
The 2012 Community Group volenteer award was given to the Canora Toursim Commitee.  This group supports multiple services in Canora and were recently involved in the creation of the Visitor Guide, the new location of the Visitor information Center, and the CN Museum House Renovations.
The 2012 Individual Volenteer Rocognition Award was given to Val Morozoff.  Val has been part of many committees and organizations throughout the years. She provided her knowledge and community spirit to make these events such a success, while spending whatever time that is needed to make the projects successful.
Tourism Ambassador
 The Tourism Ambassador Volenteer Award of 2012 was given to Tanya Kuziak. Her services have produced positive changes and provides examples to others by showing what taking a lead on a project can accomplish. Tanya has contributed many selfless hours to our community by participating in fundraising events.