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Water and Sewer utilities

Connection fee

A $30.00 connection fee shall be paid to the Town each time a consumer:

  • Wants to be supplied with water from the municipal system; or
  • Wants to have their water turned off and back on again when doing plumbing work on a building.

Meter deposit

  • ¬†All consumers who are not the owners of the property to be served shall pay a $150.00 meter deposit to the Town.
  • The meter deposit shall be refunded upon service being discontinued, provided all water usage charges are paid in full.

The above water connection fee and meter deposit must be prepaid, prior to water being turned on. Utility connections will not be opened unless the above fees have been prepaid.

For all water utility related inquiries please contact the Town office at (306) 563-5773 or Email.


For utility hook-up, call 1-888-757-6937


Natural Gas
For utility hook-up, call 1-800-567-8899



The primary providers for the area are: