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Sign Corridor

The Town of Canora operates three highway sign corridors on the outskirts of town. There is a north sign corridor located on the north entrance of Highway No. 9, a south corridor located at the south entrance of Highway No. 9 and a west sign corridor located at the west entrance on Highway No. 5. Only Canora-based businesses are permitted to rent space in the corridors. The north and south sign corridors are currently full. There are a few available spots on the west corridor. If you would like to rent a spot or be placed on a waiting list, please contact the Community Development Officer.


Sign Corridor Special Conditions

  1. The rental charge of $147.62 per sign per year (plus GST) will be paid to the Town of Canora no later than January 31st of each year or the sign will be removed.  Rent is used to pay the owners of the land for grass up-keep and administration of the sign corridor.
  2. The yearly rental fee for the sign corridor space is not pro-rated. This contract is valid from January 1 of each year for one full year.
  3. Once the contract has been signed the “sign owner” has 60 days to install a sign (if there is not already one in place). If not completed within the 60 days the “Sign Owner” will forfeit their rental charge and their sign corridor spot. It is understood that in the winter months that the ground may not be suitable to install posts – in this case the Town of Canora would use its discretion as to a suitable install date.
  4. Each sign must be uniform in size and contents must be approved by the Town of Canora.
  5. Each sign must be 4×8=32 square feet and displayed lengthwise.  All signs must also be mounted on wooden posts 4x4x12 feet with a minimum of 4 feet placed into the ground.
  6. Signs are owned by the businesses and are the owner is fully responsible for up-keep, repair and improvements of the signs.
  7. If maintenance is not kept up to standards suitable to Town of Canora, then signs will be removed at the owner’s expense.  Improvements have to be completed within thirty (30) days of written notification of needed improvements.
  8. The Town of Canora has final say when improvements are needed.
  9. In the event of vandalism or natural catastrophes the Town of Canora will not be responsible or liable for any damages incurred.



Brandi Zavislak
Community Development Officer
Town of Canora
418 Main Street
Box 717
Canora, SK  S0A 0L0
Ph: (306) 563-5574
Fax: (306) 563-4336