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Building & Development Forms

Building & Development Permits

Residents must obtain permits for most construction, renovation, alteration and demolition projects or a change of use of land and/or buildings in Canora.

Development permits are required to ensure that land use, appearance and design, layout and overall characteristics of development meet the requirements of the zoning bylaw.

Building permits are required to ensure that construction meets the requirements of the building bylaw and National Building Code.

Permits must be obtained prior to beginning your development or construction project and often both types of permits are required. Permit applications and fee information are available from the town office.

Fences under six feet in height and garden sheds and decks less than 100 square feet in area do not require a development permit.

Building Bylaw

Building Permit Application

Building Permit Instructions

Development Permit Application

Development Permit Instructions

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Zoning bylaw

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